PodRift is the brainchild of psychedelic comedian, thinker and podcaster Duncan Trussell whose vision is to encourage interaction by deepening the connections between podcasters, guests and audiences--changing the passive listening experience to an interactive mind explosion by transporting listeners as avatars to a virtual environment.


Business Designer Amanda Smith coordinates team members, functions, assisting in the innovation and general development of the project.

Project Lead & UX Designer Leonard Burton crafts the Podrift experience through rigorous design and development, making use of the various VR hardware devices on the market.

Developer & Production Design Consultant Dave Chantrelle brings his experience in theatre and live show production environments to help craft the producer aspects of Podrift.

Product Design & Business Consultant Alexander Kline is working to shape the future landscape of Podrift with conceptual work for the core product and tools to empower content creators to reach wider audiences.

Project Consultant Jon Altschuler assists in creative direction. 


We are a worldwide collaboration of creative people that welcomes future-thinkers to share and execute new ideas. If you're looking to become part of an innovative team aimed at stretching the imagination, contact us.